About Nirnal

Abstract: A flexible portable water filter device is provided that includes an approach for filtering unfiltered ground/ tap water within the bottle. This device has a porous housing containing activated carbon, ultra-filtration & other filter materials (such as polypropylene cotton, filter paper, colloidal silver etc.) in it, which device can be attached and removed from a water bottle as a unit. The portable water filter device is fluid-tightly attached to the bottleneck such that water does not pass through the bottleneck. This portable water filter device is designed to in any PET plastic water bottle, generally available. Water is filtered when pressure generated by squeezing the bottle forces from the bottle cavity through the filter along an axial filtering flow path, designed for removal of a varieties of biological, organic or inorganic contaminants and drinkable filtered water comes out through a spout. The device is expected to purify water upto 100 liters, after which point, the filter water will stop coming through the spout.

During Aug 2016-Feb 2017 we supplied 15000 Portable Water Filter to Govt. School, Farmers and Laborers in Northern Karnataka.

We also supplied 1000 Filters to Indian Army.

“Universal access to safe drinking water is a fundamental need and human right, which is currently a big concern for most of us, globally. I’ve always wanted to revolutionize the idea of a cost-effective filter for those staying in rural /backward territories and envisioned this global social problem as an opportunity.” In order to address this massive problem of society, I came up with the inventions/solutions i.e. Portable Water Filter Device, which fits into any PET bottle generally available in market.
1. NirNal water filter was interviewed by U.S.A Based Online radio-Kuch Khush Baatein & KLE Venudhwani 90.4 FM Community Radio.
2. Winner of ELEVATE 100 from Karnataka govt organization for Startups.
3. Won 3rd Prize in social change & Enterprises conducted by Azim Premji Foundation.
4. Wide coverage of invented product in International/National /Regional TV and News Media.
5. Best Entrepreneur Award by Deshpande Foundation – Feb 2017
6. Best Entrepreneur Award by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
7. Yuva Shilpi Award by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)

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