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Nirnal FAQ's



a. Fill the water into the bottle

b. Insert the filter into the bottle

c. Squeeze the bottle and drink the water and

d. Close the cap and be healthy.


1. Fit the UF filter onto the TAP. b. Adjust the screw to fix the filter with the tap tightly. c. Checks for any leakage. d. You are ready to use the UF TAP filtered water.

A flexible portable water filter device is provided that includes an approach for filtering unfiltered ground/tap water within the bottle. This device has a porous housing containing activated carbon & other filter materials (such as polypropylene cotton, colloidal silver etc.) in it, which device can be attached and removed from a water bottle as a unit. The portable water filter device is fluid-tightly attached to the bottleneck such that water does not pass through the bottleneck. This portable water filter device is designed to in any PET plastic water bottle, generally available.

Water is filtered when pressure generated by squeezing the bottle forces from the bottle cavity through the filter along an axial filtering flow path, designed for removal of varieties of biological, organic or inorganic contaminants and drinkable filtered water comes out through a spout. The device is expected to purify water up-to 100 liters, after which point, the filter water will stop coming through the spout.

a. FOR PORTABLE WATER FILTER: This depends on the intake quality of water, but NirNal assures clean and safe drinking water upto 100ltrs regardless of any water quality.

b. FOR ADVANCED PORTABLE WATER FILTER: This depends on the intake quality of water, but NirNal assures clean and safe drinking water upto 300ltrs regardless of any water quality.

c. FOR UF TAP WATER FILTER: This depends on the intake quality of water, but NirNal assures clean and safe drinking water upto 6000ltrs (LIFE upto 6months) regardless of any water quality.

d. FOR UF ASSEMBLY UNIT: This depends on the intake quality of water, but NirNal assures clean and safe drinking water upto 20000ltrs (LIFE upto 5years) regardless of any water quality.

There are many advantages of choosing NirNal like

4.1 Clean water: Drinking clean, filtered water protects the body from disease and leads to overall greater health.

4.2 Convenient and easy to use: Being able to fill up a water bottle anywhere gives someone complete freedom when traveling.

4.3 Cost effective: One of the biggest advantages of being able to filter water on the go is that it saves the need to buy bottled water.

4.4 Essential minerals: Some people are going crazy right now for ‘reverse osmosis’ – but this method of purification takes everything out of the water – even the essential minerals, so where’s the good in that?

4.5 Taste and Smell: Filtered water tastes and smells better than tap water.

4.6 Control of your water quality: One of the biggest issues I have with bottled water is that no matter what it says on the label, you never really know what you’re getting.

On first use of Nirnal filters, carbon particles may appear in water, this will reduce with continued use. Carbon is a natural substance that can be ingested, so need not to worry.

“In many places in India or across world, safe or pure drinking water is a big concern for most of us. I’ve always wanted to revolutionize the idea of a cost-effective filter for those staying in rural areas and envisioned this social problem as an opportunity, “Thus for the above problem stated I came up with the solution i.e. “The Nirnal Water Filter -Reusable water bottle with integrated disposal filter”.

7.1 World’s cheapest Portable Water Filter- At INR 30/- per Unit

7.2 Innovated Cost-Effective Portable Walter Filter-Cheapest in the World

7.3 Safe Drinking Water anytime anywhere

7.4 Reduce global environmental pollution challenges by re-use of PET bottles

7.5 Actively Contribute towards Govt./CSR/NGO initiatives in the field of safe drinking water for all.

NIRNAL UF is a Unique, HI-tech but very user-friendly domestic water purifier. It is an affordable alternative to purify water. Which removes bacteria, virus and complete turbidity to produce clear water.

It works on the ultra filtration membrane technology, which removes Bacteria, virus, turbidity & foul odor from water (Additional the other products removes Arsenic & Iron and one more which removes fluoride)

It has two-stage filtration.
Stage-1: Activated Carbon to remove odor and colour.
Stage-2: Ultra filtration with 0.01-micron membrane, which removes all Suspended solids, bacteria and viruses.

No. NIRNAL UF works without electricity. It is a 0.01-micron ultra filtration, and it only requires water hydrostatic pressure between 5psi to 35psi. (Water head should be minimum 8 feet above water purifier).

In fact it is a most simple water purifier you have ever used.

UV is ultra violet light which covers a specific wavelength of light spectrum, and it is about 85-87% effective at its absolute best level of performance when new, with a steady and measurable decline over the time. It never kills bacteria but just inactivate them. Effectiveness depends on parameters like lamp capacity, rate of flow, wave length etc. it is electricity dependent and expensive. It needs costly maintenance contracts.

RO removes even the finest radicals / ions making water dead. The minerals in the water, which are useful, are filtered out unlike NIRNAL ULTRA-FILTER. Very high initial capital cost. It has high capacity pump leading to high running cost. 60-70% input water is wasted. Frequent replacement requirement of expensive cartridges. High AMC charged by the supplier.

Life of membrane is approx 3-5 years. It only requires occasional surface cleaning with wet, soft cloth. Membrane can be replaced at home very easily; it makes NIRNAL_UF maintenance free water purifier.

No it does not purify salty water.

It can be used at every place where there is a requirement of pure water. It can be used at hospital, homes, schools, offices etc.