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Nirnal A flexible portable water filter



Flexible portable water filter
nirnal flexible portable water filter

A flexible portable water filter device is provided that includes an approach for filtering unfiltered ground/ tap water within the bottle.

The device can be attached and removed from a water bottle as a filtration unit.

This portable water filter device is designed to in any PET (soda or soft drink bottle) plastic water bottle, generally available.

Water is filtered when pressure generated by squeezing the bottle forces from the bottle cavity through the filter along an axial filtering flow path, designed for removal of varieties organic or inorganic contaminants and drinkable filtered water comes out through a spout.

The device is expected to purify water upto 100 liters, after which point, the filter water will stop coming (slow down) through the spout.

1. Model Name: Flexible portable water filter

2. Model no Rs.30 (Basic)

3. Price per unit: Rs.30/-

4.Liters: 100 Liters

Note: (Excluding Courier and Tax)

# Advantages Features How to use
1 Reduces organic or inorganic contaminants (chlorine, taste, odor and particulates) Compatible Fits for PET Bottle (Soft/Soda drink bottle Generally available in the market)
2 Clean Water Portable Fill the water from regular tap water
3 Convenient & easy to use Reusable Insert NirNalTM Portable bottle Filter into the bottle and Squeeze and drink the water
4 Cost Effective Eco-friendly
# Frequently Asked Question
1 Question: What does NirNalTM remove from water?
Answer: NirNalTM portable bottle filter reduces chlorine (taste, odor and particulates), and Filter upto 100ltrs to deliver great-tasting NirNalTM Filtered water.
2 Question: How do NirNalTM Portable bottle Filter remove substances from tap water?
Answer: The standard NirNalTM Portable bottle Filters have a sieve and bottom filter mesh that screen out larger particulate matter from the water. Activated carbon granules act like a sponge. NirNalTM Stream filters have a dual-layer innovative carbon form that provides a large surface area to act like a sponge to adsorb contaminants. And the NirNalTM bottle filter removes substances by passing the water through a carbon filter element designed to remove specific substances under low pressure. Water passes through a porous filter where chlorine (taste and odor) is adsorbed and broken down on the surface of the activated carbon. Lastly, the NirNalTM Portable bottle Filter uses water pressure to force water through a small carbon block and nonwoven. The nonwoven removes sediment, (10-5 microns) and the block structure removes smaller contaminants. Water contact with the carbon block allows for the adsorption and trapping of contaminants.
3 Question: Where can I buy my NirNalTM Portable bottle Filter?
Answer: For orders less than 10, click here, For orders greater than or equal to 10 Order now.
4 Question: How often should I change my NirNalTM Portable Water Bottle filter?
Answer: Best before 60 days after 1st use or up to 100 Liters, whichever comes first.
5 Question: How do I get rid of black flecks in my water when I use a new filter?
Answer: This is carbon dust. It’s harmless, but can feel or taste unpleasant. Rinse your new NirNalTM Portable bottle Filter vigorously under a strong stream of water for 15 seconds. Be sure to direct the water through all sides of the filet, so it washes out any loose carbon particles.
6 Question: What is the shelf life of a NirNalTM Portable bottle Filter?
Answer:The shelf life of an unused, packaged filter is indefinite. Filters should be kept in the sealed NirNalTM bag and stored in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use them.