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How to use?

1. Gently wash the filter housing and filter candle before using.

2. Connect the filter inlet pipe to the tap (which is connected to the overhead tank).

3. The filter outlet pipe is placed into the container or storage tank/vessel.

4. The water flow is shown in the schematic diagram.

5. Initially, allow the first 4-5 liters of water to flow out of the filter.

6. When the flow of the water is reduce or the filter is clogged, just use running tap water and wipe the surface of the membrane softly using a foam / cloth. This will remove superfine solids deposited on the membrane which you would have been otherwise drinking. Ensure that

a) don’t use the brush or sharp material to wipe, it may damage the membrane

b) The membrane is not pressed too hard

c) While putting the bowl cover back, ensure that the O ring is placed in the groove provided on top inside of bowl bottom.

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1. Removes Bacteria up to 99.9℅.

2. Removes almost complete turbidity & clear water is produced.

3. No electricity needed and no chemicals added.

4. Provision to remove organic substance or colouring material if they are present in the feed.

5. Shelf life of membrane 2-5 years.

6. Almost maintenance free, expect occasional cleaning of suspended solids deposited on filter surface which doesn't take more than 2-3 minutes time.

7. Device works between hydrostatic heads 5 psi (g) to 35 psi (g).

8. Cost effective

9. Easy to carry

10. Easily avilable now online

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